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2010.09.27. 20:49 killin tours

Greets to all!

The first ever dancehall-reggae soundclash just happened in our small counrty Hungary

We as the promoters are really happy to organize such thing, and off course we are aware of our mistakes. The setting of the long rounds with a relatively late start, the missing of the audio, which is still our fault even  if the fuckin engineer in the club lied to us at midnight, when we asked about and he assured that the recording is going. Next time we have to press record ourselves, because an engineer might just not giving a fuck... The missing of the audio is a huge lame to us as promoters still.

We feel terribly sorry about the turnout of the clash, we have expected a lot of members from our small massive from all over the country, and many of them couldnt come. 

The long 30 minutes rounds were starting at 00:30, and Baba sound definately took the round with strictly dubplates. (In this round the sounds could play anything)

The secound round was 20 minutes, and all of the sounds played just great! Yes, there were a lot of confusion about the voting, but that is just soundclash, everyone should get used to it !!! As the local sound drop out first, they called us battyman on the internet after the event, but so it go from long time ago, all over the wordl:DDD This was the very first clash, half of the crowd came to party, and never really understood the voting.  

As dub fi dub came, it looked like Baba sound from Austria gonna take the trophy. In the dubfidub the czech sound Peeni Walli made a very nice finish and win the people still in the club at 4:00 AM!

After all it was a great event, and a very nice clash, dubfidub was just great.

Largeup Babasound from Vienna Austria, Mr Kutta you dont know! Extra largeup for Peeni Walli sound , for wining the first ever Middle-East European soundclash, they deserved it well, from long time we know they are a hard working sound, no one can sleep on them ever!!!!!

Bigup Jafa Mafia for participating in this clash

Bigup KRSA aka Lord Panamo from PASO band, our host!

X amount of respect for Papa Bosi for playing the warmup set the original foundation man in Hungary , without him we would not even know about sound, I tell this from long time and wont change it ever!! Biggieboy largeup for the warmup same way!

Bigup for DAVIDGETVA AKA SLABBABWOY for the video record!

Unfortunately the dubfidub got never recorded in any format, but you can find youtube links for the rest of the clash here:


Hopefully the event will be back next year, as it was planned originally to be an annual clash!



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olil*one 2010.10.03. 03:25:47

hat nem sikerult feljutni, de latatlanban is big up!

kösz az sms-t, most ertem haza a melobol mar megy a stream.


manner 2010.11.16. 22:57:18

Na hát hangyányi késéssel, de idejöttem a promoternek is gratulálni:D.

cpandacsoki · 2010.11.16. 22:58:52

Ja, én gratuláltam, műszaki hiba a név:D.